Monday, December 24, 2012

Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread Houses, and a Freebie

     I wanted to make the last week before Christmas vacation special, not to mention bribe them to have good behavior.  So, we made hot chocolate in the crock pot.  On another day, we constructed gingerbread houses using milk cartons from the cafeteria.  The day we got out for Christmas, we had our Christmas program and our party.

Gathering of the ingredients for hot chocolate

There's nothing better than Eagle Brand condensed milk


Sweet and Delicious!

Decorating - we put the icing in baggies

Constructing and Decorating

A finished product

Getting ready to sing at our Christmas Program


Sweet little angel

A Gingerbread-themed Christmas Party

Pin the button on the Gingerbread
It was a hit at the party.

Click the picture to download.

Merry Christmas!!

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