Monday, October 28, 2013

50's Day

I love 50's Day!  We celebrate the 50th day of school by dressing up and pretending to be back in the 1950's.  The students probably don't really understand what that means except that they get to dress up and eat.  That's all that matters.

My aide probably has a love/hate relationship with me.  She is always such a good sport to dress up.  Glasses were in this year.  Almost all the girls wore glasses.  Sooo cute!

Only one little girl could blow bubbles.  She is in the top left hand corner.  She said, "Mrs. Paige, you know why i am able to blow bubbles?"  "Why?" "Because I have been practicing for years."  She's only 5.

Loved our decorations and tables.  One of my moms used to be an event planner.  Of course, I grabbed her up to help me.  I saw the cupcakes on this site

We had miniature hamburgers, french fry chips, cupcakes, pigs in a blanket, Twizzlers, and little bottles of Coke.

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  1. Thx, Ms. Paige! All the kids had so much fun

  2. Wow! We are doing it this year and it will NOT measure up to this greatness! How Cool!


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