Monday, October 28, 2013


We've been studying nocturnal animals for a couple of weeks.  I can't help but spend more time with owls.  They are fun and interesting creatures to study.

We did a directed drawing of an owl.  I am not sure of the source of the original owl.  I had done the drawing myself and had found it in my box.  I was really proud of what they did. I think they were excited, too.  They drew owls at every spare moment the next week.

The idea for the large owl came from Deanna Jump. My mom made it for me.  The little owls at the bottom are a torn paper owl project.  You just need an owl pattern and then the students tear small pieces of paper and glue them to the owl pattern.  I used a scallop punch and circle punch for the eyes.

We also made owl cupcakes.  I just found these on Pinterest.  We used cupcakes with chocolate icing, brown m & m's, double-stuffed Oreos, and a candy corn.  They were fun to make and of course, super yummy!

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