Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chimp Haven

This past week we went on a field trip to Chimp Haven.  Chimp Haven is a place that has been created in our area as a sort of "retirement home" for chimpanzees.  There are 163 chimpanzees living at Chimp Haven.  

Many of the chimps had to be rescued.  Some were being used as laboratory animals, some were kept as pets, and others abused. Now that they are at Chimp Haven, the living is easy.

The educational specialist came to our classroom the day before the field trip to teach us about chimpanzees.  They are not monkeys as many people call them.  They are apes.  Monkeys have tails, have smaller bodies, and are not as smart.

Andrea brought a model of a termite mound that is found at Chimp Haven. Usually the termite mound has honey in it.  The chimps use a stick and put it down into the hole and pull out the critters to eat.  Our students pulled out tootsie rolls, so much tastier than termites.

The chimpanzees were not supposed to be able to have babies.  Oops!

Notice anyone hoarding all the oranges?  Chimpanzees love fruits and vegetables.  Chimp Haven has a garden so that they can grow most of the food for the chimps.

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