Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Five Senses

     We finished up our Five Senses unit.  Each day we focused on a different sense.  Here's some pictures of our smell test.

     I used film canisters and punched holes in the lid.  I put a cinnamon stick, a piece of lemon, coffee beans, and vinegar on a cotton ball in the containers.
     When they smelled the cinnamon, a student guessed "gingerbread cookies." When one student smelled the vinegar, she said "ranch dressing."  Another said "Easter eggs."  I thought those were pretty good responses.
     Here are some pictures of our taste test.
We got the paper blind folds from Party City.

     Some of our ideas came from Kim Jordano's book Super Senses.

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  1. Cute! I love the cotton ball idea. We are covering 5 senses briefly next week before we focus in on the 5 body systems. Thanks for the idea!

    Your newest follow,

    -The Frizz


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