Thursday, January 10, 2013

Classroom Observation

     I survived my observation on Monday.  Everything went well...thank goodness.  I get so nervous.  I think the older I get, the more nervous I get.  Shouldn't it be just the opposite?  When my principal walks in, I don't even look at her.  My hands were shaking as I read Beware of the Bears. I could feel them shaking and felt like everyone could see them shaking. Also, when I get nervous my eyes tend to water.  That's why I only look at the children. She didn't stay too long and gave me a thumbs up when she left.  Ah...relief.
     We are working on our Fairy Tale Unit, so on Monday we compared The Three Bears to Beware of the Bears.  I'll share our chart we are working on too later this week.  After we read a fairy tale, we mark off which ingredients were in the story that made it a fairy tale.
     I've started looking through a new professional book to help with Common Core.  It's called The Common Core Lesson Book by Gretchen Owocki.  It's several hundred pages, so it's not something you can go through in one night.  I think it will be a great resource.  She goes through the Common Core for Reading for grades K-5.  

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